Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Sustaina Center for Women, we believe that health is about more than a well-maintained body - and health care is more than an annual exam.  It’s our philosophy that true wellness is three-dimensional, with physical, mental, and financial fitness all contributing to a healthy whole.  Our practice is dedicated to providing you with the personalized care you need to bring your life into alignment – PLUS the practical tools you need to sustain that balance into the future.  Think of us not as mere providers….but as your partners in good health.

We designed the name Sustaina to add a feminine sense to the word ‘sustain’.  Your health is the key to healthy aging – so why let it slip away?  Living a life free from stroke, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes depends on how we live each day.  As we grow older, we depend on our health more and more.  No one dreams of spending their retirement savings on medical bills - and no one dreams of losing their livlihood because of poor health.  

At Sustaina Center, we believe that the word 'gynecology' reminds us to take care of ourselves:  

gyn*ecology:  what is your personal sustainability strategy?

Successfully balancing your family needs, work needs, and your needs are key to your health, but may be increasingly difficult to manage.  Our goal is to help you take those first steps to taking some control back in your life.  We have made a clear choice to be more engaged with community organizations around us so that we may help connect you to people who can help you with your needs.  We are amassing information (from teens to seniors) that we believe will help contribute to your healthy whole.  We welcome you to join us in helping us create an information exchange - where women can find information and share their resources. 

We are putting together brief educational videos and blogs to help you stay as informed as possible.  We believe a well informed woman can make better choices for herself and her family.  We believe that your health is your path, not ours.  Our path is to make sure you have all the tools and information you need, in a format that best suits your needs."