Other Resources

Tami's Community Resources:

Tami's list of community resources is growing - call or email her to see if she can help find information for you.  She has six extra large three ring binders full right now - and this list is growing!  If you know of a resource that Tami should include, please call or email her.


Other Resources:

Here is a resource that helps you do your own financial planning for various times in your life - college tuition, first mortgage, etc.:  http://www.mymoney.gov/


Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Dr. Lewis highly recommends HER doctors at the True Mind Center.  Dr. Hongfei Lin and Dr. Shuhong Hua are 'the real deal' in TCM - from herb therapy, to moxibustion, accupuncture, and general wellness and healing. Visit their website at https://www.truemindcenter.com, or call 303-320-1530.