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Jeffco Youthworks - Helping Teens Find Summer Jobs

Summertime is almost here, and for many teenagers that may mean it’s time to look for a job. Whether looking for something temporary to do while school is out or for those that just graduated, a summer job can mean extra spending money, a glimpse into possible future careers, and a chance to learn some responsibility. Here in Jefferson County, we have a great place to send our teens to help them land a part-time or full-time position in our community. 

The Jefferson County Workforce Center has everything to assist your teen, ages 16-21, in finding a job, and the services are free. A separate room is provided just for our youth to research careers, look at job opportunities, learn how to fill out applications, write a resume, know how to interview for a job, and much more. Teens have access to computers, and trained staff is available to help them with all of their job-seeking needs. Jeffco YouthWorks also holds workshops and provides many other services ranging from assistance in getting a GED, to discovering what a potential career path might be, to volunteer opportunities within the community. They even offer free classes on a variety of other topics such as how to buy a car, find an apartment, and how to budget your money.

 Located in the Laramie Building at 3500 Illinois Street in Golden, the Jeffco YouthWorks center is located inside the Jefferson County Workforce Center. Their phone number is (303)271-4613, or you can go online and check out their website at www.jeffcoyouthworks.org. If you go in person, they are open from 1:00 to 5:00 weekdays. You can also stop by the office of Sustaina Center for Women and pick up a free brochure from the Jeffco YouthWorks office. Don’t forget that if you’re an adult looking for a job or career guidance, they also have wonderful adult services available to assist you.


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Here is a great resource from the Colorado Department of Health.  You are able to text ANY question ito this code and receive an answer within 24 hours.

Text "ICYC" to 66746.  Or try this website:  http://www.texticyc.com


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Dr. Lewis found this and it is based in San Francisco, we can be your clinic.  Text: SEXINFO  to the code 61827     

Our patient portal will give you email access to Dr. Lewis – contact us to sign up.  You can ask your questions and  your email will remain confidential and a part of your medical records.