Dr. Lewis & Staff

I have an intense desire to make sure women are well-informed and able to make decisions that they are happy with rather than forced upon them. I want to show respect for a busy woman’s time and support this with enough time scheduled for appointments that we are more able to stay on time. More
I want to provide information to people here in our office on whatever topics they may wish to learn more about such as aging issues, teen concerns, better nutrition, or heart attack prevention. More
Hi, I'm "Lucie." I joined the practice as it was forming. I am the Director of Communications here at Sustaina Center. I am fluent in universal language. I serve as a constant reminder to Dr. Lewis, Brooke, Tami, and Berni to communicate clearly and succinctly - More
I was born in Mexico, and was raised in New Mexico and Denver. I am fluent in Spanish and English. I am happy and excited to join the Sustaina Team and hope I can make everyone here feel comfortable and at ease with their care....because I care! More
I am a certified coder and billing specialist. I joined the team in a part time position on Mondays. I am fluent in Spanish. I am very happy to be an integral part of the Sustaina team - your team! We are all here to help you reach your health goals. More